With great power comes great responsibility, and great opportunity. And the only way to live up to all that responsibility, is to use every opportunity to get all the power. I learnt that the day I lost everyone I loved and didn't have the power to stop it
~ Peter Parker

This version of Peter Parker (also known as Spider-Man) is from an alternate timeline and the main antagonist of Spider-Man: Edge of Time. He is the alternative version of Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, which turns out to be the CEO of Alchemax company and the former 2099 Spiderman. He is intent on fixing the timeline so no one he loves will never die and defeating and destroying the new 2099 Spiderman; Miguel O'Hara.


Peter Parker was the CEO of Alchemax and the former Spider-Man of 2099 more than a century ago. The anti-aging technology has allowed him to live longer than normally expected. Guilt ridden over the loss of his loved ones from long ago, he was presumably working behind the scenes and capitalized on Walker Sloan's time gate technology and his trip into the past.

With respective realities of Miguel O'Hara and Peter Parker in flux, the Peter of 2099 planned to rewrite the reality in his image and bring all those he cared about back from the dead. He battled Miguel O'Hara using a Iron Spider suit, but was quickly incapacitated by the combined efforts of Miguel and the loose tentacles of Atrocity stuck in the timestream. Peter is eventually defeated by Miguel and is presumably returned to his orignal history when reality is restored.


Peter Parker was selfless once and dedicated his life as a young man to using his enhanced gifts to become a hero that helped and saved countless lives. Over the years, the amounted guilt of his inability to protect those he loved and the civilians who died because his failures drove him mad with guilt to the point of insanity and megalomania. Although keeping his beguile humour and wit, Parker displays little of the morals he did earlier as he only wished to rectify him of this guilt by saving those he could not, uncaring if the enitre universe would collapse on itself as long as he could achieve this.

Believing himself more deserving of this than anyone on account of his previous heroic actions and what he sacrificed, the universe somehow owed him this and refused to class himself as a villain as all he wanted to do was to save lives. Moreover, Parker became deeply arrogant after settling into the CEO of Alchemax, claiming that Miguel O'Hara was a pretender to his name and went further to deride O'Hara by claiming he was the true villain for stopping his potentionally-cataclysmic plan. Unfortunately, after becoming CEO, Parker was slowed down by his age and had to rely on the Iron Spider Suit to keep with the younger Miguel during their final fight at the Gateway.



  • This is one of the darkest incarnations of Spider-Man.