Lieutenant Peter Orson was the Portland Arson Investigator, however he was also a Bauerschwein (a pig like creature) whose kind had been involved in a onesided fued with Blutbad's for centuries.


At some point Orsons two brothers were murdered by Angalina (a Blutbad, and a old girlfriend of Monroe) breaking with tradition, Orson desided to fight back, and blew up Angalina's brothers house.

He then declared the event an accident, and tried to blow up her other brother, Hap. However by random chance Hap left the house before the bomb went off. Orson once again declared this an accident. However Nick and Hank weren't convinced.

Not complete, Orson went and murdered Hap, possing as a pork delivery man. Now convinced of the murders, Nick confronted Orson and learned he was a Bauerschwein. Orson later went to Monroe, telling him he didn't want this to continue, he was simply after revenge for what Angalina had done, and didn't want the killing to spiral out of control.

After learning about the fued, Nick went to visit Orson. Orson defended what he done, pointing out the only reason Angalina murdered his brothers, was for Fun, and her brothers were just as much monsters as she was (this wasn't true in Hap's case, so it seems hate was blinding him) before a climax could be reached. Angalina arrived and attacked Orson, as a big man he tried to fight back, but was quickly overpowered by the stronger Blutbad. Nick interveaned and managed to get her off him. She turned on Nick, however Orson shot her in the back (it didn't kill her, simply wounded her) he tried to shoot again, but Nick stopped him.

Orson was arrested for the murders, and taken to have his wounds treated.

Three years later, following an arson murder, Nick and Hank were forced to ask Orson for help, as he had chased the same arsonist several years before his vengeance feud. Getting him a furlong so he could help with the case, they soon discovered the arsonist was a powerful phoenix like Wesen, working as an arsonist for hire.

Although relationships were rocky, he never the less managed to help the stop catch the dangerous arsonist Damien Barso, and he and Monroe managed to agree to let go of the feud. Returning to prison, Orson was at least happy the case was over, and his prospects with the parole board had improved.