Peter Nicols

Peter Nicols

Peter Nicols was one of the main antagonists of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Help". He is the leader of a demon-worshipping society known as the Cult Of Avilas he had plans to sacrifice an innocent girl named Cassie to his demonic master in order to recieve "infinite riches": this was the second group of teenage boys who sought wealth via sacrificing girls in the series (the first appeared in "Reptile Boy").


Peter Nicols was a completely delusional and wicked individual who had formed a society of demon-worshippers alongside his friends, being convinced that by following the will of Avilas he would be rewarded with great wealth and power: in order to please his infernal master Peter planned on sacrificing a girl named Cassie to his "god" - although he and his minions came close to succeeding their ceremony was interrupted by Buffy Summers, who proceeded to knock Peter and his minions around to prevent them killing Cassie.

Buffy felt her actions had stopped Peter from summoning Avilas but was proven wrong when the large demon emerged, however she managed to set the demon on fire with help from Spike - a horrified Peter foolishly approached the half-dead Avilas and asked where his riches were - the angered demon proceeded to bite Peter's neck and both Buffy and Spike left him to his fate, due to the severity of the bite wound it was likely Peter died shortly afterwards.