PDVD 007

Peter Craig is the main antagonist of the famous Twilight Zone episode "The Litttle People".

Peter Craig is a greedy and power mad astronaut navigater, who along with a fellow astronaurs, William Fletcher (who he refers to as "Fletch") begum stranded on a starnge planet, seeming diserted.

The two are at odds from the start. Craig is a lazy and arrogent space man, while William is brave and unselfess. William can not stand him, but puts up with Craig so that their ship can be repaired.

William tells Craig to scout out for water or any other necessities to help them survive to repair the ship. Craig returns, full of himself, carrying water and small trees. William demands that Craig shows him. He brights him to a miniger city, similar to an town, populated by nameless beans no bigger then ants.

Craig then begins terrorizing the little people, declaring himself their god. William, stops him, telling Craig that the people are no different from each of them, but Craig doesn't listen and Willain punches him, knocking him out. William tries to comfort the people, which gives Craig fear, thinking that the people will now see Willian as a god instead of him.

The next day, William goes looking for Craig and finds him the same place he lef him. Craig, now fully-conscience, wearing a pilot suit, standing proudly next to a life-sized statue of himself, made by the people over night. The people are now his slaves, giving them in return his smiling face and his mercy. Craig's greed has now consumed him to the brink of insanity, now believeing that he is an actual god! William tells him the ship has been repaired and is ready for take-off, but Craig does not wish to go back to his old life and grabs out a gun, pointting it at William. Fletch tries to reason with him, telling him of the life of alitode he'll have if he stays here. But Craig doesn't listen, and shoots at William, missing and hitting off his statue's head.

Disgusted at Craig's choose to live alone in maddness, he leaves. Craig, happy as he'll and starts laughing and turtoring the people, till...he hears a noise coming, and in a classic Twilight Zone ironic twist ending, two other astronates, as big as mountains come. Craig yells to them to leave, one of them, picks him up and actitently crushes him to death then dropping him to the ground.

In joyce, the people tair down the statue on top of their once tyrannical god, bringing him down to size.