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I don't want your first time to be with a murderer.
~ Pete refusing his girlfriend Grace's offer to have sex for the first time.
You're not gonna believe it. The other baby in the bathtub...Run.
~ Pete's last words before he is stabbed to death by the Red Devil.

Pete Martinez is an antagonist on Season 1 of Scream Queens. He is revealed to be one of the three disguised as the collage campus serial killer, the Red Devil.

He is portrayed by musician/actor Diego Boneta.


Pete Martinez is a barista at the campus's coffee shop, "The Grind" and the editor of the school's newspaper, "The Sentinel". He decides to join the Red Devil killing spree after catching Boone Clemens killing the security guard, Shondell. He wanted to discover the identity of the other Red Devil, Boone's twin sister, but also wanted revenge on The Chanels. His only rule for joining was that Grace not be harmed in the process. Boone and his twin thought Pete might be a double agent and were going to kill him until he agreed to prove himself worthy by donning the costume and killing Roger. He deemed this okay because of Roger's horrible treatment of his brother, Dodger. Boone asked for his help to kill the group planner, Gigi Caldwell. Pete agreed but decided to instead kill the group muscle, Boone, believing this would end it all. Gigi mistook him for the twin sister, as he was dressed in the Red Devil costume. He donned the disguise one last time to attack the Chanels on Black Friday, but ended up accidentally killing a security guard instead. He then devised a plan to discover the identity of the other Red Devil/Boone's twin. He took DNA samples from the KKT sisters and discovered it was Hester Ulrich. As he is about to disclose his findings to Grace, Hester breaks out of the closet in full costume and murders him.

Villainous Acts

  • Shot Roger three times in the head with a nail gun, then unloaded the nail gun and driven it into his face, afterwards he attempts to kill Chanel Oberlin but chooses to let her live
  • Stabbed Boone Clemens in the chest with a knife, he choose to murder Boone over Gigi because he was the muscle of the operation and thought this would stop the murders
  • Shot a mall cop in the face with a crossbow.


  • Roger - Shot in the head with a nail gun.
  • Boone Clemens - Stabbed in the chest.
  • Mall Cop - Shot in the face with a crossbow.


  • He is the only Red Devil that wasn't involved during "Pilot". He joined in the following episode.
  • He is an anti-villain in some ways, as he truly believed that he was doing the right thing and only killed people that he believed deserved it.
  • He is both a successful and failed villain. He succeeded partly by mostly stopping the killings as there weren't many random killings after Boone's death. However, he never truly got his revenge on Chanel and didn't stop the killings entirely.

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