Pete Davis is the main antagonist in the 1992 film Unlawful Entry.

In the film, he was played by Ray Liotta, who also portrayed Ray Sinclair, Paul Krendler and Samuel Rhodes.

Davis is first seen working on a case then Davis and his partner go to a break in. There he finds the suspect and beats him viciously. His partner starts questioning his sanity but Davis ignores him and starts stalking a couple. One night even watches them have sex just to check if everything's all right. Michael the husband files a complaint against his unwanted actions. Then Davis tries to destroy Michael's business, rep and love life. Then his partner tries to report his actions Davis murders him and blames it on a criminal. Pete then frames Michael on drug charges by planting cocaine in his house. When Michael gets released on bail Davis goes berserk and tries to rape his wife. Michael and Davis then get into a fight which ends with Davis getting shot numerous times in his chest, killing him.