Petar Tudzharov (also known as Dzharo) was one of the primary antagonists of the popular Bulgarian crime drama series Undercover, appearing as the main antagonist of Seasons 1 and 2, the secondary antagonist of Season 3 and the quaternary antagonist of Season 4. He was a former cop, who after the fall of communism in Bulgaria, became the leader of it's most powerful and fearful criminal gang and the arguably the most dangerous man in Bulgaria.


Dzharo is the only living mobster over 50 years in Bulgaria and the head of a powerful and dangerous criminal organization which deals with everything illegal, which can make money. With money, Dzharo has been a preferred partner/employer for some corrupt Bulgarian politicians and crooked policemen. His severe punishments are legends, but even the worst offenders or enemies of Dzharo fear his brutal, psychopathic right-hand man Ivo Andonov. Born into a family of the ruling elite during the time when Bulgaria was a still a People's Republic, Dzharo received a good education and graduated in Moscow.

After returning to Bulgaria, he became a policeman, and later during the transition period in the early 1990s, using his knowledge from his time as a police officer, becomes the perfect villain.

He is a passionate collector of old weapons and paintings. He also likes watching Western movies and always supports the good men on the screen.