Petaldramon (Frontier)
Every time the three moons are light in the sky, I am reminded of only one thing: hamburgers! I gotta eat right now, Right?
~ Petaldramon

Petaldramon is Arbormon's beast spirit and alter-ego in the anime, Digimon Frontier.


Petaldramon is a beast hybrid Digimon that resembles the fusion of a lizard, a flower, and a tree. He has two tails, leaves that form his claws and a frill around his head, and tree roots that form Godzilla -esque spikes on his back.

Digimon Frontier

Petaldramon first appeared during the battle with Grumblemon. After MetalKabuterimon wrecked the cave, Petaldramon was covered up in rocks.

Later on, when Datamon refused to give Arbormon the camera that the Toucanmon bought, he slide-evolved to Petaldramon to fight Datamon. When Tommy Beast-Spirit evolved into Korrikakumon, he fought Petaldramon and chased him out of town.

Later on, Petaldramon and his minions, Chamelemon, terrorized a hamburger village, looking for hamburgers to eat. He kidnapped the male Burgermon to force him to make a dozen hamburgers for him. MetalKabuterimon, Zephrmon, and Korikakkumon managed to fight Petaldramon, but was broken up when the male Burgermon fed him bigger hamburgers. After he's eaten enough hamburgers, he suddenly went to sleep.

During the final battle with the Digidestined, Petaldramon consumed a tree, which caused him to grow larger. He almost defeated the five heroes, but in the end, he was finally defeated by the combined efforts of all 5 Digidestined, and Lobomon purified his data.


  • Leaf Cyclone
  • Thorn Jab