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Pet Shop is the name of the pet hawk of Dio Brando in the Stardust Crusaders arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. His stand, Horus, represents one of the nine Egyptian gods of prosperity.


Dio Brando keeps this hawk as the watchdog of his mansion in Cairo. Pet Shop, as he was known, attacks anyone who approaches the mansion without warning. Iggy, a stray dog who was accompanying Jotaro and his group (against his will) accidentally finds the mansion, as he watches Pet Shop decapitating two dogs who were peeking in the gate of the mansion. A beggar, hired by the group to find the mansion, also arrives at the place, being crushed under a gigantic icicle. Iggy then notices the hawk is a Stand user, deciding to leave the place since he didn't gave a damn about Dio. But as a boy tries entering the mansion to find his dogs, Iggy is forced to fight the bird in order to save the kid. He manages to run away to a sewer, but only to be chased by the bird. There, he make a decoy with his Stand and manages to hurt Pet Shop, but he simply freezes the wound to cure it and continue fighting Iggy. He freezes the entire place and stops Iggy from running, forcing him to cut his own paw in order to flee the place. They continue their battle underwater, as Iggy deflects Pet Shop's icicles, hurting one of his wings. Pet Shop then freezes all the water around Iggy in an attempt to crush him and then dig underwater to get a straight shot at him, but Iggy defeats the hawk by biting his beak, making his being crusher under the water pressure.

Powers and Abilities

Pet Shop's stand, Horus, allows him to create ice in the form of sharp icicles or even huge blocks. He can also freeze water or the air around him, and also cure his wounds.


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