They just ain't smart enough to stay down where they belong. They got to spread their little wings and fly up into the light.
~ Pestilence (regarding the flies).

Pestilence is a member of a local Satanic cult gang known the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and a villain in The Crow: Wicked Prayer. He and his 2 fellow gang members named Famine and War help gang leaders Luc Crash and Lola Byrne murder Jimmy Cuervo and his girlfriend in a satanic ritual. After his resurrection, Jimmy meets Pestilence in the local The Black Moth Bar which results in a fight between them and ends with Pestilence's death by a bug zapper after he mocks Jimmy's last words before his death; "Aw hell, I'm just gonna say it. Will you marry me?".

He was portrayed by Yuji Okumoto.