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Pester is the central antagonist and final boss in the Wii game Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars, and a Lepiota mushroom who seeks to rule the entire world.

Pax is extremely arrogant and is also very much willing to kill his own subordinates without remorse. His powers enable him to take control of even the most powerful beings in the game, such as the Amanitas.

Pax follows him to a trailer park where Pax battles him and causes him to fall to the floor below them, leaving Pester to be killed by a mutated fungi dog that devours him. 

In order to defeat him, Pax must toss spore balls his away, until he finally engages in close combat, at which point the player repeatedly strikes him.

Twisted X Gameplay Mushroom Men Episode 7 Pester of the Lepiotas14:43

Twisted X Gameplay Mushroom Men Episode 7 Pester of the Lepiotas

Final Boss and Ending

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