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Fat Mouth

Pesce is the fishy boss who makes its first and only appearance in Wario Land 3. It is the ninth boss whom Wario confronts in the game in Bank of the Wild River.

Pesce is a fish resembling both a large piranha fish and a mouse or rat. When Wario drops into its arena, he should immediately exit the water and jump to one of the platforms on the sides of the pool. If Pesce catches Wario, he will forcefully eject him into the water current below, sending him back to the previous room.

Shortly after the battle begins, a dragonfly will appear that Wario can stand on, and fly around above the water. A fly carrying rancid cheese will also enter the arena. Wario can bump the fly to make it drop the cheese into the water. If Pesce notices it, it will eat the cheese and become slightly obese. If Wario can get it to eat the cheese three times, Pesce will become too fat to swim, sink to the bottom, and plug up the hole that the water current is flowing through, allowing Wario to reach the treasure chest in the previous room. The dragonfly will then fly Wario up to the door he had came through before the battle.

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