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The secondary antagonist of CatDog in the episode "CatDogula". They are the minion of Nosferacho.


According to Lola Caricola, she explains about a large vampire tick named Nosferacho terrorizing the mountains. Where says that to cure those infected by the ticks is garlic juice.

They arrived at Nearburg, and bites a herd of vampire cows that now acts like zombies. At the graveyard, the ticks sees a creature with two heads and one body (call CatDog) and ask what are they, and Nosferacho says that he doesn't know but will bite every head at once or twice. They made Cat's hula skirt fall out and bites Dog, and tries to bite Cat, but they see Cat's garlic necklace and retreats to find another target. When the angry mob tries to attack Dog when he is a vampire, the ticks turns the Greasers and the angry mob into vampires.

At the abandoned garlic factory, Nosferacho, the ticks and the Nearburg resident vampires spotted CatDog and Lola, and Lola distracts them and they chases after her and turn her into a vampire. They tries to bite Cat and he found the giant garlic, which it falls and landed on the machine that turns to juice. The ticks and the vampires encourages Dog to bite Cat, but the garlic juice poured on them turning the Nearburg residents to normal and the ticks are turned into regular tick, but they can still drinks blood and leaves.