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Perses is a minor character in the God of War video game series. He started out as one of Kratos' titan allies, but tries to kill him after Gaia's "Death".


Perses is known as the Fire Titan, so he has magma flowing on his body. He also has a volcano-like hunchback.


God of War 2

After Kratos went back in time to rescue the Titans, one of the titans he rescues was Perses. During the end of the game, Perses, along with most of the titans, were climbing to top of Mt. Olympus planning to kill the Gods of Olympus.

God of War 3

While Kratos was accending Mt. Olympus, he encounters Gaia, and instead of helping her, he tries to kill her. He also encounters Perses fighting his rival, Helios. After Kratos distracted Helios, Perses manage to grab Helios, destroy his sun chariot and tossed him into a building. After Kratos killed Helios, Perses found out that Kratos "killed" Gaia, so he wanted to kill Kratos. When Kratos accending toward the labyrinth, Perses shot out some magma balls to kill Kratos. When Kratos encounters Perses trying to kill Kratos. He tries to grab Kratos but failed. Kratos then processed to use the Blade of Olympus and stabbed Perses in the eye, killing him.

Powers and Abilities

Like most of the Titans, Perses has great physical strength, He can shoot fire out of his back and is likely to be immortal.

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