Permafrost: Those families... all happy and warm in their homes. They have no idea how it is out here. When you're homeless, people look right through you. It's like you not even there.

Static: Yeah, I've been guilty of that.
Permafrost: I felt when I got these powers, things would get better for me. They didn't. I am more alone now than ever.

~ Permafrost revealing her sadness to Static.
Mareen Connor aka Permafrost is a Bang Baby with the power of cryokinesis and an antagonist in Static Shock.

Mareen was a homeless child who grew up in a house with a sick mother and an uncaring stepfather. On Christmas Eve, her stepfather abandoned her and her mother died shortly after. Mareen spent nights in the cold, and ran away from child services agents. She came to Reverend Anderson often for food and lived in a cable car depot with other homeless people. When the Big Bang happened, she gain the power to not only immune to the cold but can control it as well.  Mareen named herself Permafrost ruined the lives of other families the same way her family was ruined.

A year after the Big Bang, Permafrost caused Dakota Hills to black out by freezing the power station. Static arrived at the power station and thawed it out. At the power station, he fought Permafrost and survive the encounter. Mareen caused a panic in Dakota Mall by freezing half of it. She went to a clothes store to run away from Static. Permafrost broke down when she saw a mother defending her child.

Permafrost created a Christmas traffic and encountered Static again. She used her powers to bury Static in snow after seeing his imposing behavior. He chased her down to a repair depot where she made it her home. Static found a photograph of Permafrost's mother and flew off with it to talk to Reverend Anderson about it. Permafrost carried a grudge over the superhero when she saw that Static flew off with her most prized possession and attack the superhero at a tree lighting ceremony. Static knowing about Permafrost from Anderson gave the photo back to Permafrost and called her by her real name Mareen. He offered to help her and told Permafrost that he lost a mother too. Permafrost calmed down and was brought to Reverend Anderson by Static. The reverend offered her the Church's homeless programs for help to which she accepted gladly.