Tell me I'm the best! How I'm your favorite henchman ever! How you'll never need anyone else in the whole world as long as I'm here!!
~ Peridot

Peridot is a villainess in Cucumber Quest. She is a young witch and the most trusted subordinate of Queen Cordelia. She is a magical prodigy with such skill that she never had to have any kind of official training. Her signature ability is that she can turn things into stone--or, more accurately, into peridot. This ability applies to almost everything, from physical objects to intangible elements like fire. She gets around on an enormous wand that doubles as a broom.

Peridot rarely hesitates to flaunt and brag about her abilities, but is also very short-tempered and can blow a fuse rather easily when bested in battle. When interacting with Almond, she tends to get noticeably flustered, which according to the author is due to Peridot having a crush on her.