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Peri Westmore was a main character in the first season of Devious Maids and a recurring character in the second season, and serves as a major antagonist in Rosie Falta's storylines.

A rich and self-absorbed actress, Peri was married to Spence and was constantly bullying him, making him look weak. She even had affairs behind his back but when he had a heart attack, Rosie realized that she loved him and has tried to be a good person.

However, when she found out about Rosie and Spence's affair, she had the maid deported but since Rosie was granted asylum, Peri has plotted and schemed to keep Rosie and Spence apart.

She even lied, saying she was pregnant but when Spence wanted a divorce, Peri blackmailed him, threatening to take their son away from him and move to Europe if he continues seeing Rosie again.

When Spence broke up with Rosie, the not-so-devious maid was heart-broken but when she left, Peri gave Spence a wicked smile.

Spence then moves out of their house and later on, Peri receives custody of their child, causing Spence to have a drinking problem. Since Peri always traveling, she had no choice to give custody to Spence after that. She hasn't been seen until the end of season 3, where Spence has amnesia, Peri visited Spence, lied to him she and Spence are still married to start her revenge of Rosie for stealing her ex-husband.

Peri is played by Mariana Klaveno.

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