Perducci is the archrival of Dangeresque (played by Strong Bad) in the Dangeresque film series in the Homestar Runner universe. He is played by the King of Town while his henchman is Killingyouguy is played by Strong Mad (with Strong Sad doing the stunt work). In Dangeresque 1, Dangeresque Too?, He has a serum to use for his scam to kidnap Cutesy Buttons (Marzipan). His plan is foiled once Dangeresque and Dangeresque Too? counter him atop his skyscraper (in reality, Bubs' Concession Stand).

He reappears in the fourth chapter of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, called Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, demanding that Dangeresque play him a rock-paper-scissors type game for the information he needs.