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Peppermint Larry didn't start out as a villain in Flapjack. But in Season 2 and 3, he became a major antagonist.  He lives in the Candy Barrel with his Candy Wife. He plays a similar role to Portia Gibbons from The Mighty B!, Redbox Killers from South Park & Buzz & Delete from Cyberchase.

Antagonist Role

  • Cuddle Trouble-The fist time Peppermint Larry ever became a villain. He gives Flapjack Cuddler's Delight to make him feel worse about himself.
  • Unhappy Endings-He made Flapjack and K'nuckles listen to Candy Wife's "weird" story.
  • Flapjack goes to a Party-Gets mad when Flapjack's friends destroy his mugs.
  • Rye Ruv Roo-Kick K'nuckles out of the Candy Barrel.
  • Candy Colleague-The first time he was the main antagonist.
  • Fish Out of Water-Rages a mob to chase after Flapjack and K'nuckles and beats them up.

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