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The People Of The Dust are ancient monsters from Marvel Comics.

The People of the Dust were born from the dust to shape the world to their will. They watched the lizards (Dinosaurs) rise and fall, continents shift and many other races live and die. The apes and their descendant the humans were no challenge to them like everything that came before them. They thought the human flesh to be a delicacy and liked their pained screams as it was the rarest music for them. Everything worked out well for them until one day the Blood merged their powers and Caretaker imprisoned them in his base.
Frank Drake entered the base of Caretaker and stopped in front of a sign on the wall. Suddenly he heard a voice calling for flesh and the People of the Dust emerged from the wall. They were afraid that the Caretaker would find them, but one of them stated that he had to be dead because otherwise they would not have been free. They talked about their past and laughed about the humans who would once again become their prey without their protectors. They were surprised when they heard the voice of Frank and wanted to eat him. His weapons were useless against the People of the Dust, and when he ran away they followed him through the walls. Blade appeared and tried to help Frank, but the People of the Dust weren't afraid of him and surrounded both men. They wanted to kill them.
For a few seconds the People of the Dust were surprised when Blade fought back, but when Frank and Blade tried to flee from them they once again followed them through the walls. Blade was knocked out by one of the People of the Dust. They had the heroes cornered in front of a wall. Frank heard a voice and touched the wall. The People of the Dust saw their demise in the arriving Saints. They tried to beat them, but the Saints pulled them back into the ground to imprison them again in it. The People of the Dust were again experiencing the death of ages because they weren't able to die.

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