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The People Eater is the quaternary antagonist in Mad Max: Fury Road. He is the mayor of Gas Town and next to Immortan Joe and the Bullet Farmer the third warlord in the wasteland.

Mad Max: Fury Road

He alongside the gang of Gas Town assist Immortan Joe in the hunt for his wifes, who were daved from him by Max and Furiosa.

During the fight on the Fury Road on the way back to the Citadel, the People Eater, despite beinf driven by a chauffeur the whole time, grabs the wheel of his car to drive over Valkyrie, laughing sadistically after her death. Near the end of the fight, his car is boarded by Max Rockatansky and his chauffeur is thrown out. Max kicks the People Eater in the Face to knock him out, but the People eater grabs a gun to shoot Max. Max takes the gun, breaking the People Eater's fingers in the process. To evade Max, the People Eater tries to jump of the car but Max drags him back into the cabin. Max then drives up to Immortan Joe and uses the People Eater as a human shield to avoid Joe's bullets. Despite the dire situation of his ally, Joe fires at the People Eater, shooting him in the chest and the eye and thereby killing him.

To get off the car, Max later uses the People Eater's weight to press the gas pedal, keeping the car driving while he jumps onto the next vehicle.


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