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Beautiful, Powerful, Deadly!

Penelope Spectra is the Ghost of Vainity and a minor recurring villainess from Danny Phantom. She disguised herself as a beautiful human woman and was enrolled as a psychiatrist and school conselor in Casper High, Danny's school. Yet, her true purpose was to drain happiness from the students to retain her youthful aspect. Knowing Danny's identity, she kept the temperature very low in her office, so that Danny would mistake the ghostly vapour that he exhales in presence of ghosts for the common vapour exhaled in cold temperatures, but in the end, courtesy of Danny's older sister Jazz, she was stripped of her powers and reduced to an old maid!

in "Doctors Disorders" she conspired with the Virus Bug Ghost to gain, Jazz's intelligence, Dash's strength, and Paulina's almost flawless skin, and then complete it with Danny's Ghost essence. but it was bungled when he placed the yucky tissue with his dad's obese essence which caused her form to be similar to Jack Fenton then into a snot monster!

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