Penelope Lang

Penelope Lang is a villainess in the Atomic Betty animated series.


While not a SUPER villain, Penelope is vicious enough to be one! Coming from a very rich family, this spolied brat is Betty's Earth based archnemesis when she's not on a mission (Maximus I.Q. being her space one), and has earned this title; she's very cruel, selfish, rude, possessive, and those are only the good qualities! Penelope loves nothing more than to ruin Betty's life, and order people around, but always gets her comeuppance at the end of whatever episode she's in.

Everytime she comes up with a scheme, but always backfires in a horrible way.

She comes close to find out about Betty's secret, but dismisses it thinking Betty's secret is never real.


  • Several times throughout Atomic Betty, Penelope has been the main villain of the episode, though do to some crazy reason, either forgets it, or passes it off as something else.
  • Penelope is voiced by Catherine Disher, who voiced Jean Grey on the Classic X-Men animated series.