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Pendragon is an evil sorcerer and is the main antagonist from the 1962 film Jack the Giant Killer.


Long ago, in the Duchy of Cornwall during the time of fairy tales, there lived an evil sorcerer named Pendragon who was ruler of giants, witches and all creatures evil. Pendragon desired to take over the kingdom but was stopped by his archnemisis, the good wizard Herla who, after fighting a fierce battle with Pendragon, promtly banished the wicked sorcerer and his vile minions to a distant, uncharted island. Pendragon however, sweared that he would someday return and have his revenge.


Many years later, Herla dies of old age, leaving no one to prevent Pendragon's return.


  • He is similar to Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Both are wicked sorcerers whose plans somehow involve a princess and both transform into dragons during the climax in a last ditch attempted to kill the protagonists.

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