Peltra is an alien villianess from the Dexter's Laboratory segment, Dial M For Monkey.


Peltra is a fashion designer who aspired to steal rare fur coats for her own benefit. She is assisted by two of her minions: Skinner, a skinny-looking farmer, and Tanner, an oversized person/alien.

One day, she aspired to steal Monkey's fur coat, and sent her minions to capture Monkey. While Monkey only succeeded in defeating her minions, Peltra managed to capture Agent Honeydew and forced Monkey to surrender in order to save her. Aboard the ship, while the three were going to skin off Monkey's fur, Agent Honeydew escaped with a hidden key and got some paint. She threw it on Monkey, rendering Peltra unable to steal the fur.

Enraged, Peltra fights Agent Honeydew. She gets the upper hand, ripping Peltra's fur coat apart and kicking her on the stomach, the same way Monkey defeated Meteor. After Monkey brutally defeats Peltra's minions, he helps Agent Honeydew to capture Peltra by wrapping her with the floor of the spaceship. Before this, Agent Honeydew advised Peltra to get some synthetic fabrics.

She appears to be a parody Of Cruella de Vil From Disney's 101 Dalmations.