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Well, we could save money on clothes...
~ Please note Tom never said such in the legend. This is just added humorously by Terry Deary

In the legends of Lady Godiva, Peeping Tom was an antagonist. However, he was really just invented by the Church for morality and chivalry.


The story was that when the Lady Godiva went down Coventry town naked on horseback, the "good" citizens of the town stayed in to "give the countess privacy." Peeping Tom was the only one mean enough to stay out and wickedly spy on the countess' nakedness. He took lustful delight in doing so.


Peeping Tom was invented to encourage people to respect ladies and be virtuous like the nobility. However, he was never in the original story, and the people of Coventry may not have gone inside at all. A humorous twist to a humorous legend.

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