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Peepi, also known as Ultra-Peepi, is the villain of the Invader Zim episode, Hamstergeddon. He was originally the hamster for Ms. Bitters' class until he was transformed into Ultra-Peepi by Zim.


Seeing that humans found hamsters to be cute, Zim attached a device to him to make him grow every time he ate.

Peepi went out of control of Zim, and started destroying everything and killing everyone. Zim and the army tried to stop it, but for different reasons. The army wanted to stop it because it was destroying everything, and Zim wanted to stop it because it went out of his control. Zim stopped it by launching Peepi into space, but it crashed back down to Earth in an explosion.


  • Peepi appears to be a parody of Godzilla, given how he rampages through a city and has an appearance somewhat similar to Godzilla.

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