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Peep (also known as Slug boy and Pisser) is a boss of the game The Binding of Isaac and its remake The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth that can be encountered in level cave in boss room. He apears to be humanoid overweighted creature with stub hand and legs.


Before Peep does a attack, he will give singals that what attack he is going to use.

A spray attack that sends ten urine projectiles in radial burst patterns. Peep smiles and covers his face with hands before he attacks.

A jump that brings him crashing down to spot player was last seen. Peep smiles and opens his hand wide before this attack.

Oozing out puddles of glowing, yellow creep that will hurt if player stands on them. they will disapear after 5–6 seconds, and don't affect players that have flight. Peep frowns and shrinks little bit, along him making burping sound before the attack.

Additionaly he will also pop his eyeball at 66% and 33% Health points. The eyeballs then start bouncing all over the room and making contact damage if the player touches them/ it.


If II the high priest reduces Peep health under with out making the Peep pop one his eyeballs out, only one eyeball will be popped out even thought the other eyeball was gone, making the battle little bit easier.

Champion variates


Both Eyeballs are popped out from the start. Otherwise, will behave like the normal version.


Smaller than normal version, behaves the same way and leaves Yellow creep everywhere he goes.

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