Pedro Pupa is a minor villain from Earthworm Jim 2. He is a giant maggot who lives under the rich soil of Planet Burbank along with his children. Pedro is over protective, and buries alive anyone whom he thinks to be a threat to his children. Psy-Crow, who was fleeing from Earthworm Jim, came into the planet at the same time Pedro had found an old abandoned mine. Not wishing to become one of Pedro's prisoners, Psy-Crow convinced him that the mines were actually and ancient temple, and that he was a descendant of the people who built this temple. Pedro was easily fooled, so Psy-Crow told him that Earthworm Jim would come to his planet and destroy the temple. Pedro thanks Psy-Crow, offering him safe passage and a big bag of coffee. When Jim finally arrived, he was captured and buried by Pedro. Jim was forced to dig his way back to the surface and fight Pedro, barely escaping the planet.

Earthworm Jim 2 - 02 - Lorenzen's Soil

Earthworm Jim 2 - 02 - Lorenzen's Soil

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