Peach Wilkins
Peach Wilkins is the second boss of BioShock, encountered in the third level, Neptune's Bounty. He is the leader of a crew of Splicers who used to work for Frank Fontaine, and he and his men are holed up inside a giant freezer called Fontaine Fisheries.

Role in Game

Peach Wilkins is initially friendly to the player character, though he won't let him in until he gives him three photos of Spider Splicers using the Research Camera. Before entering, he tells the player character to put their weapons into pneumatic tube nearby. However, Wilkins betrays the player character and attacks with his Splicers and Turrets, forcing the player to kill them with the wrench and plasmids (unless the player managed to smuggle their weapons inside). He is a stronger variant of the Nitro Splicer and fights in similar tactics, casting explosives and running.

Ironically, for all his paranoia over Fontaine's control and that Fontaine would come after him, Wilkins was actually right about the player character being affiliated with Fontaine once the true identity of "Atlas" is revealed. Thus, he really was taken out by an agent of his former employer.