Did you really expect me to believe you'd ever give me power? That I'd ever have an ounce of control as long as you were alive? You taught me by example, dad: The only way to get power is to seize it.
~ Paxton Powers

Paxton Powers is a minor antagonist in Batman Beyond. Just like his father, he's corrputed, evil, a polluter, and a criminal. Paxton and his father don't get along.


Derek Powers anticipated that Paxton would betray him and sent Paxton South America to handle company affairs in isolation. Paxton then developed a taste for pre-Colombian art and arranged for the fabled Crow of Tikal to be taken.

Derek Powers later called Paxton back to Gotham City to make him acting Chairman of the Board of Trustees which surprised Paxton, especially when he learned about his father's condition. After Paxton made his father's secret public he schemed with Batman to use a device to weaken Blight and bring him in, however Paxton wanted to kill his father and ended up becoming the new CEO in the aftermath.

Paxton issued several policies related to terrorism and ransom as well as firing Jim Tate since he wanted to shut down the weapons manufacturing division to save money. Paxton even was caught by Ian Peek one time for partying instead of working.

Paxton's investments were in trouble because of a vigilante known as Vendetta. Vendetta sabotaged a shipment that carried cases of a binary power cell battery which contained two inert gases that when combined create an energy source but the casting around the battery is flimsy and the gases will be harmful to the consumers if broken. Bruce told Paxton he was allowing potentially dangerous batteries to be sol to Peace Ex Machina Inc which would lead to liability issues for Wayne Powers. Paxton pretended to agree with this, however he still wanted to continue the commissions to transport the batteries. Paxton later discovers that Ms. Winston is Vendetta and that Ms. Winston wanted to destroy him to honor Derek Powers. Winston attacked Paxton as Vendetta after Paxton had his bodyguard Dominic shoot her for interfering. Terry escapes with Paxton as Vendetta breaks a battery and the inert gases combine with flammable gases in the warehouses which causes a huge explosion.  Paxton's insurance provider was unable to step in to repair the damages, however Ms. Winston revealed to Paxton that she was responsible for the transfer of ownership order for his insurance provider to make Paxton pay for the damages out of his own pocket and there will be some changes now that she is back.

Paxton hired the Royal Flush Gang to steal art from him, including the Jaguar of the Dezer but that robbery was broken up by Batman. King kidnapped Paxton and held him for ransom which failed and Bruce Wayne decided to incriminate Paxton by taking advantage of the situation. Paxton bargained with his captors to kill Wayne, however Batman defeated the group and turned Paxton over to Commissioner Barbara Gordon. Paxton was then convicted and forced to resign which led to Bruce Wayne taking back control of the company and Powers Technology.

One time, Derek Powers was able to arrange for Paxton to be released from prison and got Paxton a penthouse in the Gentrified Industrial Area. Batman confronted Paxton since he figured Paxton was the one responsible for financially sabotaging Wayne Enterprises and that Paxton was employing Glen Godfrey who orchestrated the termination of the renewed union contract for Wayne-Powers' employees. Batman followed Paxton to a warehouse and Paxton informed Batman that his benefactor wanted to meet him there. Bruce deduced it was a set up and told Terry to get himself and Paxton out of there. The warehouse exploded, however Batman was able to escape with Paxton and he was placed in protective custody while Blight was being dealt with.


  • Paxton never got along with his father.
  • Bruce Wayne, Terry McGinnis and everyone hate Paxton.
  • With Paxton in jail, all of the Powers family lost control of Wayne-Powers's corporate assets and shareholders along with everything they owned.


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