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Hokey-cokey, pig in a pokey!
~ Pauline's catchphrase

Pauline Campbell-Jones is a character in the black comedy series The League of Gentlemen. Played by Steve Pemberton, she is a Restart officer at Roysten Vasey's job centre who openly despises the "dole scum" who attend her course and has a strange fixation with pens. Despite her general unpleasant attitude and behaviour, she showed affection to Mickey M. Michaels, a simple minded young man who attended her course, and eventually married him at the end of the series.

She is portrayed by Steve Pemberton.


Among the unemployed men attending Pauline's restart course is Ross Gaines, who is considerably more intelligent than her. Throughout Series One, Ross frequently tries to embarrass Pauline when she asked him to assist her in demonstrations, but Pauline often resorts to physical violence in order to secure the upper hand. The other main character at the job centre is Mickey, a simple minded young man with dreams of being a fireman. While she openly despises Ross, usually telling him to "piss off" and attacking him, she shows genuine fondness towards Mickey, often calling him "Mickey Luv". Pauline despises the "dole scum" and will take every opportunity to belittle them. One of her strange quirks is an obsession with pens. She treats pens as friends and demands for them back after use. When Ross reveals his true nature and confiscates the pens, Pauline is devastated and pleads to keep them.

In the final episode of Season 1, Ross reveals he is an undercover agent who has been monitering Pauline and her course. Naturally, he fires her, and in Series 2 she is forced to attend to course, now headed by Cathy Carter-Smith. Smith quickly turns out to be even worse than Pauline ever was, and Pauline stands up for Mickey when Smith calls him stupid. The two eventually secure jobs at a burger resturant, but they are fired after Pauline sabotages Ross's veggie burger in revenge. Eventually, Pauline and Mickey hold Ross hostage in a desperate attempt to get her old job back, but no one takes notice due to the nosebleed epidemic sweeping through Roysten Vasey. When Mickey gets hungry, Pauline sneaks out to get him food, and during this time Ross tricks Mickey into freeing him. When she returns to the job centre, Pauline is arrested by the police, just before she is able to bite into the sandwich she bought for Mickey from Eunice Evans' sandwhich stall, ironically saving her from being poisened.

In Series 3, Pauline is shown imprisoned and sharing cell with Eunice (now known as the 'The Royston Poisoner'), whom she bullies and extorts pens from. Ross makes a deal with Pauline by releasing her early in exchange for recovering information on how Mickey's family in cheating the empolyment system, but Pauline begins to feel guilty over taking part in the scheme the scheme. She and Mickey have sex, cementing their love for on another, and she later has sex with Ross to make sure he doesn't tell Mickey of her involvment. Despite this, Ross decide to tell Mickey anyway out of spite for Pauline for making him "hate [his] job", so Pauline rushes to Mickey before Ross finds him first. She is nearly hit by the Legz Akimbo van (driven by Geoff Tipps), but is save by Lance Longthorn, who sacrifices his life to save hers. Pauline and Mickey then get married, and even Ross applauds the happy couple.

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