Paula Bates
Paula Bates is a police officer and the main villainess in the made-for-TV movie The Wrong Woman.

She was portrayed by Alicia Lagano.

Paula Bates' encounter with main protagonist Ellen Plainview took place at a routine stop, where Bates tickets her. After Ellen successfully clears herself of being charged with attacking Faye Walker in an underground parking lot, who Ellen's husband, Mike, was having an affair with, she visits Faye in the hospital—where she receives a phone message from Mike, who brings up Bates ticketing her and reveals that she was his partner on the job. When Ellen asked Bates about Mike after she was stopped, Bates said that she didn't know him. Ellen turns around and sees Bates pointing a gun at her and stating that she was supposed to be in jail. While taking Ellen hostage, Bates revealed to her that she had a huge crush on Mike, and even said that she knew that he felt the same way, and she attacked Faye to get her out of the way and was going to frame Ellen for the crime so she and Mike could be together. Knowing that Bates was now intent on killing her, Ellen fights her off and eventually knocks her out before escaping.