Paula Abdul Cooper Barrett

Paula Abdul is a one-shot villainess in the Fox series Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life. She appeared as herself in the show's second episode, "How to Survive Insufficent Funds."

In the episode, Cooper, Barry, and Neil participate in a drug trial in a desperate attempt to make money and avoid being evicted. The side effects of the drug they take last for six hours, but despite this, they also attempt to sell their hangover cure, which was invented by Barry. The trio encounters singer Paula Abdul in a parking garage and make an offer to participate in an ad promoting "Barry's Hangover Cure," which Paula accepts. Later in the episode, Paula performs her dance moves for the promo, and after filming is completed, the trio celebrate their good fortune. Paula turned heel and pointed a gun at the trio, demanding that they give her all of their money. However, at that moment, the evil Paula is revealed to be a hallucination—one of the side effects of the drug that the group tested—and in reality, who they saw as Paula Abdul was really a homeless man, who robs them of all of the money they made at the drug trail.