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Paul Stevenson

Paul Stevenson is an antagonist in the Fansadox webcomic series entitled "Birthday Gift". He is Peter's father, and intends to give him a good life and everything he may want and need, including female slaves to rape and abuse.

He is married to Molly, who she took as "second pick" after he was refused by Maggie Sweetie's mother. He used psychological abuse, torture and rape to make Molly his wife, while not caring about her feelings in the matter. He comments that he's glad the world has evolved into a slave state, and that the old dating routines and personally training women as their slaves has passed, and that the state is handling this process more thorough.

He likes torturing his wife, cheating on her in front of her if possible, even with his son's girlfriend (though Peter doesn't mind, and he does ask his son's permission, as token as it may be). He also likes manipulating naive women into surrendering themselves to him, only to sell or give them to further his interests.

He is the owner of a slave distribution company, thus rather wealthy and he shares some of his spoils with his son. Indeed, his son is known as a "rich kid" by some of his friends, as a result of Paul's money.

He gives Maggie Sweetie to his son, partly because he knows he has a crush on her, partly to relive the old days when he fantasized about her mother, Carol, which he eventually acquisitions.

He also buys his rival's daughter, Sherry, to cover one of his debts, and when he realizes he risks losing her to Potts buying her back, he marries Sherry to make sure he can legally keep her.

He considers himself a connoisseur of how to break women, and indeed seems to have succeeded both on his first wife Molly, and on his second, Sherry, as well as manipulates a more innocent hotel receptionist.