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Paul Stamper

Paul Stamper

Paul Stamper is the main antagonist in the Lifetime movie Escape From Terror: The Teresa Stamper Story.  He is portrayed by Adam Storke in the film.   In the movie Paul marries Teresa Walden who works for him and the marriage seems happy and 2 years later they have a daughter Katie but soon Paul becomes abusive and hits his wife while they are at a bar.  When Teresa files for a divorce from Paul he threatens her over the phone to kill her if she does to which she records it and has it presented in court to which the judge grants Teresa a divorce and a protective order and orders Paul to stay away from Teresa or else he will be arrested.   Paul disobeys the order and one night follows Teresa and her boyfriend Chris Butler and shoots Chris and kidnaps Teresa but luckily the next day she manages to escape Paul at a diner and call the police from an office phone to which Paul is caught by the police while trying to escape on a bus and taken to jail but while in jail Paul meets an inmate who is getting released in 3 days to which he tricks the inmate into helping him escape from jail by telling him he has lots of money and the inmate believes it and helps Paul escape jail.  One night Paul sneaks into Teresa's house and looks at her sleeping and picks up Katie and rocks her to sleep and then leaves after he puts down some flowers and a note telling Teresa to meet him at the bowling alley to which she goes to the bowling alley and recieves a phone call from Paul threatning to kill her.  5 years go by and Teresa doesn't hear from Paul thinking he's vanished but on Katie's 5th Birthday Teresa recieves a phone call from Paul telling her to wish Katie a happy birthday for him to which Teresa  tells Paul to leave her and Katie alone and later tell the police who decide to put Paul's picture on a tv show called Unsolved Mysteries hoping to catch him.   They soon get calls about a man named Gary Wickle who lives in Denver Colorado and is a trucker who resembles Paul and kidnapped a woman in the past forcing her to marry him or else he would kill her.   It is soon revealed that Gary Wickle is Paul Stamper and he has married a woman with 2 children of her own from a previous marriage and she is pregnant with their 1st child together.   As Stamper gets into his truck to leave to go haul a load to Kansas the police swarm in and arrest him where is taken to jail and sentenced to 35 years in prison.

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