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They strike, wrap around you. Hold you tighter than your true love. And you get the privilege, of hearing your bones break before the power of embrace causes your veins to explode.
~ Paul Serone

Paul Serone is the hidden main human/secondary antagonist of the 1997 film Anaconda.

He was portrayed by actor Jon Voight, who also portrays Jim Phelps.


Meeting the crew and revealing himself

While a documentary film crew is searching for a lost civilization in the Amazon, they encounter Serone, stranded and deserted on his boat. He says he started out as a priest, but turned his career to hunting snakes. He offers to help them in their search. But actually he's taking them on the hunt for a huge and million dollar worth Anaconda. After they discover his true nature, he produces a firearm and forces them to cooperate with him, taking the boat crew hostage. He winds up killing a person and later attempts to feed several to the Anaconda in a trap.


In the end, Serone was eaten by the anaconda after it constricted him and crushed his bones. He was later spat out, and died almost immediately after. Before he died, he has time to wink mockingly at Terri Flores.

Serone originally appears as a mysterious stranger but is later proven to be untrustworthy, as he puts personal gain above human life, which he believes to be expendable. He is hinted to be a murderer.



  • French actor Jean Reno was considered for the role of Paul Serone before Jon Voight was cast.

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