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The main villain from the 1957 classic sci-fi Not of this Earth, Paul Johnson was an alien from the planet Davanna who was sent to Earth by his kind to research the possible uses of human blood in an attempt to cure a deadly disease which was killing off his people. He wore dark sunglasses to hide his inhuman pupil-less eyes which he could use to hypnotize or to kill as he wished. He lived as an eccentric foreigner who overpaid his house employees and passed the image of a cold man, extremely intelligent and yet ignorant of some of the most basic aspects of human life (such as driving a car or social conventions). His crimes left the police puzzled by their vampiresque aspects, since he left his victims completely drained off blood and with perforating marks on their necks. Johnson later attempted to transport his nurse Nadine Storey to Davanna to have her vivisected, but was chased by the local police and ultimately killed in a car accident. His tombstone bears the words: "Here lies a man who was not of this Earth"