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Paul Bunyan is the main antagonist of Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan. Paul Bunyan. We all know the stories of the lovable gentle giant and his rascally blue ox Babe, who - as legend has it - traveled around the north woods in the mid to late 1800s along with his logging crew plugging up smelly rivers, punching mountains to pebbles, chopping down trees so tall they took a day to see the top, and digging the grand canyon with Paul's ax. Sure, maybe some of the details vary depending on who's telling it, but the basic idea is always pretty much the same. Big giant sort of a guy, wears a lot of flannel, hates the crap out of trees, has a statue in Minnesota, yadda yadda. Really deep, thought-provoking stuff here.

In the movie 'Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan,' Paul is depicted as having gone insane through a combination of extreme old age (Apparently, the medical condition that caused him to become so gigantic also enabled him to live much longer than normal humans), rage over his land being intruded on by a group of juvenile offenders on an early- release program and his beloved pet's grave defiled (One of the offenders came upon Babe's skull and broke off one of its horns to keep as a souvenir), and longing over the loss of his true love May- Belle. So, he goes on a homicidal rampage, stalking and killing people with his double- edged axe before eventually being killed himself by a large group of local hunters (One of them had a police- scanner, heard through it an emergency broadcast, and rallied the rest to help). Paul is riddled with bullets by the hunters and falls off a bridge to his watery grave.