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Paul Allen Warner was a major antagonist in the horror game Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh, an infamous "interactive movie" video-game that had elements of both psychological and body-horror as well as a mentally unstable protagonist and many minor villains (or at the least, negative role models) throughout the often complicated storyline.

Paul Allen Warner was the boss of Wyntech and the superior of the main protagonist, although the two had originally had a rather interesting relationship (Warner seeming to favor him over other workers) the relationship soured quickly as the main protagonist learned more about his father's past and how Warner had been responsible for his murder.

In addition to murdering the main protagonist's father Warner was an evil megalomaniac who masterminded "Project Threshold", having discovered a rift leading to a hell-dimension known as  "Dimension X" in the basement of the Wyntech building he sought to use it for monetary gain and began performing experiments using mental patients supplied by the corrupt Dr Marek, a doctor at the asylum where the main protagonist was committed. At one point, Warner even used the then pre-pubescent main protagonist as a subject, without his father's permission. The project was eventually shut down when the military showed no interest but was recently reactivated when Warner discovered the inhabitants of Dimension X could synthesize any chemical desired at the cost of some components and a couple of "human specimens". Warner planned on sacrificing several people in exchange for a highly addictive antidepressant/weight loss drug, which would then be released on the market, causing the Earth's population to become hopelessly addicted on the product and making Wyntech the most powerful corporation on Earth.

In the end however Warner's plan for conquest was cut short when the Hecatomb arrived and apparently killed him, however in a scene near the end of the game we see Warner's decapitated head in Dimension X - still alive.. presumably doomed to suffer forever in the depths of the alien dimension.