I was wrong Catherine, please come back to me!!!
~ Paul trying to get his love back

Paul is a Space Dandy villain from the 2d universe. 


Paul is just simply a male 2d blue rectangle with a golden crown on top of his head.


Paul was the insane king of the 2d universe that is deeply in love with Catherine a 4d box with a heat in the middel of her body, he was in love with her to the point where he took his own universe into Dandy's dimension so he can track her down and gain back her love, but in the progress he started a war with the Gogol Empire that lead to his harsh downfall when Dr. Gel and his crew shot and destroyed his universe core  sending him, the 2d army, Dr. Gel and his crew into the 1d universe where Paul was impisoned their for the rest of eternity, while Dr. Gel and the Gogol army eventually was set free.