Patty Larceny is a ditzy, blonde schoolgirl who has a rather cloyingly sweet and giggly personality. Carmen Sandiego treats her as if she were her niece. Though she is a wanted thief, she is actually kind, sweet and polite person who merely suffers from kleptomania. She wears an orange shirt, a green jacket, green skirt, and saddle shoes. Her name is a play on "petty larceny".


A typical teenager, Patty likes things that are fashionable and/or cute. It's stated that she's not really evil and is in fact quite sweet, but she suffers from kleptomania. She was in the PBS gameshow Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? and the board game Where in the U.S.A. Is Carmen Sandiego?. Her name is a play on "petty larceny" which is a case of larceny where the value of the stolen goods is below a certain legally specified amount.


  • Patty was wearing a bikini in season 2 "Beach Blanket Bye-Bye"
  • Patty has an answer machine during the phone tap segment in season 3.
  • Her exact age was never stated, nor was her implied age consistent. "The Cave Art Caper" showed her as attending junior high, yet other episodes mentioned her being "prison prom queen" (implying she's a high school senior) or being "on the dean's list as well as the most wanted list" (implying a young college student). Also, according to "The Great Liberty Lift" she's supposedly too young to drive, yet in many subsequent episodes was seen driving- and usually large vehicles at that- with no problem. That she was the youngest member of V.I.L.E., however, did remain consistent throughout the series.
  • She resembles Rose from American Dragon: Jake Long