Patti Winston

Patricia "Patti" Winston is one of the antagonists from the 1987 romantic comedy film, Date with an Angel.

She was portrayed by Phoebe Cates.


In the beginning of the film, Patti and her finance Jim were having an engagement party at Patti's house until Jim's friends (who were dressed as snipers) kidnapped Jim as a joke and took him out for their surprise bachelor party they had for him.

The next morning, Patti came to Jim's house to asked him if he was alright and that her father was furious. Jim understood and Patti wanted to come inside, but Jim told her that the house is a complete mess (but in truth, there was an angel inside), Patti agreed and left.

Jim's friends discovered the angel and wanted to use her for media to get rich, but Jim refused. Out of anger, Jim's pals told Patti  that Jim slept with another woman. Patti went over to see if they were telling the truth. When she arrived she misinterpeted the angel as the woman Jim slept with.

Angry and hurt, Patti refused to believe Jim that the woman is an angel and refused to talk to him and she started drinking. She recieved roses, balloons, and a card from the Love Bug from Jim (but it was all just a set up from Jim's friends). While waiting at the park for Jim, she was shocked to she him with the angel. While Patti and Jim were arguing, the men captured the angel which caused Jim to rescue the angel leaving Patti once again. Patti became even more jealous after watching the television when Jim rescued the angel from his pals.

Later, Patti recieved a phone call from the police saying that they found Jim's car in the forest and this gave her the chance to hunt down and kill the angel with a shotgun. Patti confronted Jim and asked him where the angel girl is. Jim said that she is gone and that he wanted Patti to meet her which caused Patti to slap him. The angel (now invisible) slapped Patti to protect Jim from Patti from punching him.

Thinking that Jim did this, Patti tried reach for her rifle but the angel kicked her in her butt which shocked Patti. Patti's father and Jim's mother then arrived and demanded Jim to tell them where the angel is. Jim's friends along with Jim's father arrived and tried to protect Jim.

Patti's father tried once again to tell him the angel's whereabouts, but Jim was unable to and collapsed from his uncontrolled headaches after his parents, Patti, Patti's father, and friends started a disorderly and chaotic argument. The angel arrived to save Jim and summoned a tempestuous thundercloud on Patti and her father and the two ran away in fear.