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An image that comes to my mind is looking through the portal at the blue-white globe... beautiful... so fragile, so small... And I thought to myself how easy it would be to destroy all that God has created. I think as we look to the future our greatest mission might be right here at home
~ Patrick Ross

Patrick Ross is the main antagonist in the 1998 film Species II. He was originally an astronaut but while on a mission on Mars he was infected with alien DNA that turned him into a monstrous being.


Patrick Ross and his three-person space crew arrive to Mars within six months. They first collect soil samples (and unknowingly find dormant alien DNA, which infects them by coming on board) and place the flag of the United States of America to symbolize that the human race has crossed the vast ocean of stars from Earth to Mars. A seven-minute time gap occurs at NASA, after which Patrick comes to and tells them there is no problem at all, looking forward to returning home to Earth, unaware that he and his crew have been exposed to the alien DNA contained within the soil samples.

Upon returning to Earth six months later, he and his crew are under strict quarantine in which they must not engage in sexual activity for ten days. However, Patrick begins to disregard the advice, as during the night of a fundraiser, he is seen making out with a woman known as the Debutante in a lounge room. When he is called to give a speech, the Debutante invites him to her hotel suite upstairs when he's done. After the fundraiser, he goes up to the hotel suite to find the Debutante accompanied by another woman she says is her sister. Later, he is seen having unprotected sex with the Debutante and then her sister, which results in both women undergoing accelerated pregnancies with his alien hybrid children, killing them in the process.

The next day after he takes his sons conceived through the Debutante and her sister to his family barn to hide them, he tries to consult with his father, unable to remember what happened after the fundraiser, but his father ignores his problems, believing his son will one day be the President of the United States, advising him to keep his priorities straight.

On the night of the final day of the quarantine, he is with his fiancée, Melissa, at his country lodge, and Melissa begins to try and have sex with him, but he doesn't feel up to it. She tells him to relax, that she will do all the work, and the next day, he awakes to find her dead and another hybrid child born. He decides to commit suicide and dresses in his military uniform, takes a shotgun, and blows his head off, just as his friend, Dennis Gamble watches. Seconds later, his head regenerates and the alien side of him takes control, with the drive to mate with as many women as possible and produce as much offspring as possible. His victims and the mothers of his children are mostly prostitutes and strippers, whom he either buries or leaves behind after they give birth to his children, taking the said children back to his family barn.

He later attempts to mate with another woman he finds at a supermarket and discovers that he is being watched through a telepathic link with Eve, who was bombarded with radiation to awaken her dormant alien genes to initiate telepathic contact with Patrick. He releases the woman and makes an attempt to get away, but is apprehended by Press and Dennis, who were looking for him. Unable to reach Eve when brought to the facility she's kept in, he escapes and heads back to the barn.

Burgess then confronts Senator Ross with irrefutable evidence of Patrick's infection and demands that he'll help bring Patrick in. Afraid that the military will kill Patrick instead, Ross deduces he is at the shed, which is on property listed in Patrick's late mother's maiden name. When Ross apologizes to his son for treating him so coldly and tells him they will seek treatment for Patrick's infection together, Patrick's human side returns and he tearfully embraces his father. Suddenly, the alien side violently reasserts itself, killing Ross. Completely broken to his alien instincts, Patrick helps his hybrid children to cocoon, awaiting their rebirth as adults so that they can mate with humans, hoping to eventually destroy mankind.

Meanwhile, Laura finds out that Dennis had resisted infection from the alien DNA due to his carrying a genetic flaw, and makes plans to infect the alien species with Dennis' DNA, as the species lacks immunity to human genetic diseases. As the team prepares, Eve breaks free from the lab to find Patrick. The team tails her, finds the shed and kills Patrick's brood. Eve and Patrick finally encounter each other, undress and amorously perform a mating ritual in which they quickly transform into their alien forms, but are interrupted by Press, who tries to get Eve to get away from Patrick. Patrick then transforms into an even more monstrous alien form an quickly overpowers Press and Dennis. Then Laura begged Eve for help, appealing to her human form Eve impaled Patrick with her back fins by extending them. But Patrick then turned on her and seemingly killed her. Press then stabs Patrick in the back with a pitchfork coated with Dennis' blood, causing Patrick to die and disintegrate, putting an end to his reign of terror against mankind.

Patrick was later given a funeral to remember the human that he was and not the alien beast that he became after going to Mars.

Appearance and forms

Patrick has two types of alien forms: Bipedal and quadrupedal. The bipedal form is a male version of Sil and Eve's form. This form is only seen during the mating scene with Eve. The quadrupedal form is for combat and is more massive and monstrous, his jaw also splits in two forming mandibles. In this form, he demonstrated the ability to split his head in two, thus forming a duel-headed form. He also has tentacle-like penis for impregnating females or killing. His different appearance may be due to being a former human infected with alien DNA, not a true alien.




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