Patrick is the main antagonist in "Whack Your Neighbor", "Whack the Burglars" and a deuteragonist in Whack the Creeps, and is the most sadistic and murderous of the long run of similar protagonists in the "Whack Your" series - unlike the other protagonists in the series, he has very little reason for his graphic torture and murder and actually enjoys what he is doing.

The Protagonist's bloodbath starts when the titular neighbor arrives at his garden angered over the Protagonist's dog fouling his own garden, since the neighbor interrupted the Protagonist's own BBQ said Protagonist proceeds to murder and torture the neighbor in many different ways (a total of 27 different varieties of murder are available, many are extremely sadistic and the Protagonist often shows great joy in his "work").

The Protagonist of this "Whack Your" game is different from many of the others in that his actions are largely without provocation and he takes great joy in murder - other protagonists in the "Whack Your" series are out for revenge or at least do not show open sadism (rather indifference), making this particular Protagonist more notably psychotic in mannerism.

One of the kills in "Whack the Burglars" reveals his name is Patrick.