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Partick is titular villain of 1978 Australian film with same name is a young man who is in coma for
three years for murdered his mother and her boyfriend by electrocuting them in the bath as the doctor who tortured with shock treatment and nurse tired killed him because he had psychokinetic until a woman named Kathy Jacquard become Partick's nurse which Patrick fall in love with her


Not known about his father, Partick had stained relationship with his mother because she had many boyfriends and had sex with them make Patrick upset and enough when his mother bought a electrocuting thing put bathtub where his mother and lover took bath which killed them and left Patrick in coma

Three Years Later

Patrick was sent to Dr Roget's clinic which only discovered that he had psychokinetic powers which make the patines to scared away and hired a nurse named Kathy who separated from her husband who discovered ill-tenement on Patrick


  • He is simalr with Carrie White they shared psychokinetic powers

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