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Pato Torquato & Pata Vina are a couple of Cocoricó series, and live on Cocoricó Farm. They are two ducks that live in and the house in the a swamp; how the swamp have various flies and insects, Sapo Martelo (literally "Hammer Frog") accepts catch these in exchange of good food, of Pata Vina, and some moments, they induces him to help them in their evil schemes, but he never completes it, because is a good frog.


Pato Torquato (Torquato Duck) initially was a cheater villain. But, after, he marries with Vina and become a jerk husband that helps his wife in evil schemes, and Vina always hit him when he fails. Thinks Sapo Martelo is a jerk.


Pata Vina (Vina Duck) is the wife of Torquanto. He is a woman that hates children and is crusty so much. Thinks Sapo Martelo is a scamp.

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