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Patches was a villain from The Powerpuff Girls and the main antagonist of the episode "Imaginary Fiend". He is an imaginary being who befriended a shy boy named Mike; however due to being invisible whenever Mike talked with him the other children believed he was simply talking to an imaginary friend. Patches began to cause trouble for Mike however when he began to perform malicious deeds, making everyone believe that Mike was causing trouble.

However after a while, Patches revealed himself by openly trashing the classroom. Realizing Mike was not the real enemy, the girls tried to fight the still invisible Patches but were unable to combat a villain they could not see. Patches easily defeats the girls as a result.

However the girls finally managed to defeat Patches by creating an imaginary friend of their own (being an intelligent bunny with a dress and combat boots) to combat Patches - (who was revealed to actually be an evil jester-like being). The girls' imaginary friend proceeded to beat Patches up and banished him, ending his rampage.


  • He was voiced by Tom Kenny.

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