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Patrick James "Pat" Phelan is a fictional character and recurring antagonist in the British Soap Opera Coronation Street.

He was a supporting antagonist in the last quarter of the 2013 series, the tertiary antagonist in the first third of the 2014 series, a unseen yet mentionable character in the 2015 series, the main antagonist in the 2016 series and currently in the 2017 series.

He is played by Connor McIntyre throughout 2013-2014, before departing prior to 2015 just before the actor reprised the character for 2016.


He started out as a client of Owen Armstrong, but turned out to be a bankrupt who refused to pay Owen for some building work. In revenge Owen stole Pat's motorbike, forcing him to pay up the money owed. A couple of months later a seemingly forgiving Pat turned up at Owen's household and proposed a job for construction work on new flats. Pat wanted Owen to run the project as Pat was a bankrupt. After discussing it with his family, Owen agreed and the deal was done.

However, Pat began to secretly creep out Owen's girlfriend Anna, and on multiple occasions made her feel uneasy and even touched her. Anna called Pat round to the house to put him straight, but seemingly believing she was trying to flirt with him made a pass at her. He eventually left the house, but Anna remained scared of Pat.

When Anna's son Gary found out, he confronted Pat at the building site when all the other workers had gone. Pat taunted Gary, calling Anna a "tart". In rage Gary got into a fight with Pat and locked him unconscious with a plank of wood. Scared he killed Pat, Gary phoned Owen for help but when they returned to the scene Pat was gone. A few days later Pat reappeared and revealed the whole incident was caught on tape, and said as long as they did as he said he wouldn't turn it over to the police. Although Gary was willing to give himself up, Owen was firm and didn't want Gary to be imprisoned as he had a son to think of.

Pat continued to taunt and overwork Owen and Gary over the course of a few weeks. Anna was unable to watch the stress they were under so asked Pat she would do anything he wanted. Anna agreed to sleep with Pat, and in the progress he gave Owen and Gary the tape and let them go from the contract (but took all the money Owen invested, leaving them bankrupt).

A few months later Pat sent the Armstrong and Windass family a postcard from Dubai, thus rubbing in this glory further.

Pat returned in January 2016, in which he is now separated from his wife and is penniless due to everything being in her name. He gets a job working for Kevin Webster, who coincidentally is Anna's new boyfriend. It soon turns out that Pat is working with Jason Grimshaw and he later forms a relationship with his mother Eileen.

During their relationship, Pat secretly gained enemies following his attempts to sabotage Jason's business; He repeatedly clashed with Michael that led to his initial departure, while Jason's brother Todd is the only member in the family who is aware of Pat's true nature. Kevin soon discovered the truth about this upon catching Pat assaulting Anna in her café, and on some occasions exchanged antagonistic threats against him. Pat also ended up in a confrontation with Johnny Connor after a confrontation between Jason and the latter's son Aidan following the death of Jason's father Tony. After punching Pat in the Rovers and unsuccessfully attempting to apologize afterwards, Johnny promised to settle their interactive feud next time.

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