Those zombies are so unreliable! They fell apart with just one touch! Oh but Harpies are so very valuable! They may be missed - but not that much!
~ Pastuszek

Pastuszek (pron. Paw-stoo-shekh) is an evil and highly intelligent mountain troll. He is a pedophile maniac, and one of the secondary antagonists in Sacred and Sacred 2 video games, being only mentioned in the first one and appearing as a mini-boss in the second one.


Pastuszek took control over one of the Harpy nests and ordered them to work in his mines to extract all of fat from them so he can create special potions that will strenghten his zombie army. He fortunately met his demise before he could do so, as after his boss fight, he gets pushed by the player character into one of his machines, which skins him alive and restrains him. Then player character then lets the Harpies out of their cages, and throws Pastuszek's dead body for them to eat. The pervert screams, as the Harpies circle around him and devour him alive.


Pastuszek is a very tall, 2,5 meters tall mountain troll, that towers over his servants. He can easily break bones with his bare hands, as he sometimes showcases in-game. It is also hinted that Pastuszek is a pedophile and even an infantophile, as he licks his lips and starts to scratch his crotch area after one of the Harpies mentions she is pregnant, and she will deliever babies soon. This only makes him even more frightening and disgusting.


  • His demise is very similiar to Professor Screweyes', due to them getting both devoured alive by bird creatures that once served him.